Selected Wisconsin Real Estate Statutes and Administrative Rules

This collection of Wisconsin law contains statute and administrative rule excerpts selected by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) and the WRA. The full text of statutes and administrative rules is available online at The DSPS oversees and regulates the practice of real estate in Wisconsin. Other resources include the Wisconsin Legislature. The WRA is the state’s leading authority on real estate and license law. The statutes and rules contained in these excerpts govern the practice of real estate in Wisconsin.

This webpage is not produced by the DSPS or the Wisconsin Real Estate Examining Board (REEB) and is not intended to be legal advice. Questions pertaining to the DSPS or the REEB should be directed to the DSPS. Click here for DSPS contact information.

Wisconsin Statutes

Chapter 15: Structure of the Executive Branch
Chapter 23: Conservation
Chapter 66: General Municipality Law
Chapter 70: General Property Taxes
Chapter 74: Property Tax Collection
Chapter 77: Real Estate Transfer Fee; General Sales and Use Tax
Chapter 87: Flood Control
Chapter 91: Farmland Preservation
Chapter 100: Marketing; Trade Practices
Chapter 106: Apprentice; Employment and Equal Rights Programs
Chapter 224: Miscellaneous Banking and Financial Institutions Provisions
Chapter 236: Platting Lands and Recording and Vacating Plats
Chapter 240: Fraudulent Conveyances and Contracts Relating to Real Estate
Chapter 254: Environmental Health
Chapter 423: Consumer Approval Transactions and Other Consumer Rights
Chapter 440: Department of Safety and Professional Services
Chapter 452: Real Estate Practice
Chapter 703: Condominiums
Chapter 704: Landlord and Tenant
Chapter 706: Conveyances of Real Property; Recording; Titles
Chapter 707: Time-Share Ownership
Chapter 709: Disclosures by Owners of Residential Real Estate
Chapter 710: Miscellaneous Property Provisions
Chapter 766: Property Rights of Married Persons; Marital Property
Chapter 779: Liens
Chapter 788: Arbitration
Chapter 799: Procedure in Small Claims Actions  

Wisconsin Administrative Code: Department of Safety and Professional Services

SPS 1: Procedures to Review Detail of an Application
SPS 2: Procedures for Pleadings and Hearings
SPS 3: Administrative Injunctions
SPS 4: Department Application Procedures and Application Fee Policies
SPS 6: Summary Suspensions
SPS 7: Professional Assistance Procedure
SPS 8: Administrative Warnings
SPS 9: Denial of Renewal Application Because Applicant Is Liable for Delinquent Taxes
SPS 127: Sale of Real Estate at Auction 
SPS 310: Flammable and Combustible Liquids 
SPS 367: Rental Unit Energy Efficiency Standards

Wisconsin Administrative Code: Real Estate Examining Board

REEB 11: Authority and Definitions
REEB 12: Applications
REEB 15: Broker’s Obligation to Furnish Copies and Maintain Records 
REEB 16: Approved Forms and Legal Advice
REEB 17: Licensure and Supervision of Employees
REEB 18: Trust Accounts 
REEB 23: Change of Name or Address on License, Trade Name or Form of Organization
REEB 24: Conduct and Ethical Practices for Real Estate Licensees
REEB 25: Education

Wisconsin Administrative Code: Department of Agriculture & Consumer Protection

ATCP 93: Flammable, Combustible and Hazardous Liquids
ATCP 114: Real Estate Advertising, Advance Fees 
ATCP 134: Residential Rental Practices

Wisconsin Administrative Code: Department of Financial Institutions — Banking

DFI Bkg 40: Definitions and Applicability Requirements for Mortgage Banking Regulation

Wisconsin Administrative Code: Department of Natural Resources

NR 116: Wisconsin’s Floodplain Management Program

Wisconsin Administrative Code: Department of Transportation

Trans 142: Recreational Vehicle Dealer Trade Practices, Facilities and Records

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