Legal Action Program

The Legal Action Program is a special program established by the WRA in 1978 to support REALTORS® and landowners involved in legal matters that have significance for the WRA membership and the real estate industry.

Cases: Cases may include but are not limited to actions involving real estate law and practice, land use or environmental issues, private property rights or development rights. The cases must involve issues of significance to Wisconsin REALTORS® or the real estate industry.

Assistance: The WRA, acting through the Legal Action Program, typically participates in a case by filing and arguing as an amicus curiae (friend of the court), as a member of a coalition of similarly interested parties, as a party to the lawsuit, by identifying expert witnesses, or by providing legal, environmental, land use or other research. The Legal Action Program has traditionally participated primarily in cases that have already been tried in the circuit court and are on appeal. However, participation in a coalition bringing a suit at the trial court or administrative hearing level has frequently been a vehicle for input on important legal issues at earlier stages of the litigation process.

Payment of legal fees: Generally, the Legal Action Fund will not pay legal fees. Although it would be great if the Legal Action Fund could pay the attorneys fees and legal costs for every REALTOR® who was caught up in litigation over real estate practice or land use issues, as a practical matter this is not possible. In only the most extraordinary cases involving issues of major importance to the WRA and the real estate industry, and where the WRA position cannot be asserted in any other way, will the WRA Legal Action Committee consider contributing to the litigation expenses of another party. This has happened only once in the 24-year history of the program.

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