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From touring a property to drafting an offer to marketing your listing, real estate keeps you on your feet! Need a little breather? Thursday Takeaways give you a quick break and quick insight, all delivered online once a week. Check out some of Wisconsin's brightest minds in real estate, including WRA Attorney Jennifer Lindsley, WRA VP of Marketing and Communications Rob Uhrina, mortgage loan officer Sara Whitley and many more hosts on the way.

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New member benefit! The Line by Line forms training video series is now free for WRA REALTOR® and legal section members.

Learn some basic pointers for advertising in compliance with fair housing law with WRA attorney Debbi Conrad.

Explore the considerations that may lead to an agent creating a business entity such as an LLC or a corporation. Consider both tax and liability implications to having a business entity as a real estate licensee. Review when an agent can get a business entity licensed.

NAR released a new interactive training platform designed to help combat discrimination in the real estate market. WRA attorney Debbi Conrad explains the benefits of Fairhaven and how you can close transactions while successfully navigating sticky fair housing scenarios.

Cori Lamont introduces you to the newest FAQ relating to licensees as buyers and sellers. What are the rules about a licensee purchasing and selling property for themselves? The WRA legal team is here to answer your most frequently asked questions.

At the beginning of every new biennium, there are some agents who forgot to renew their real estate licenses. Let’s review the simple steps to get that license renewed and get you back out there practicing real estate in the new biennium.

1 in 5 Wisconsin children are struggling with hunger right now. WRF has partnered with Feeding Wisconsin to ensure kids have access to the food through various programs. Every $1 provides 3 meals for Feeding Wisconsin. Now through the end of the year, WRF is matching every dollar raised up to $20,000 so every single dollar donation can provide six meals to children in need.

Without a law telling us exactly how to handle this, agents are struggling with how to handle situations where a client tests positive for COVID-19. Review when and how to disclose a positive diagnosis if a client consents. Consider how to notify others if a client does not consent to disclosure.

You must complete your CE and submit your renewal to the Department of Safety and Professional Services prior to December 14. But what if you or your agent were licensed after October 1? Do you have to renew? Do you still have to take CE? Sarah Norberg with the Division of Professional Credential Processing at the DSPS reviews these exceptions and what you have to do to make sure your license is renewed on time.

Do you have a person interested in becoming licensed, but the person has some convictions in the past? Learn how the DSPS pre-determination process can offer some certainty for these individuals before they embark on the journey to become licensed.

Need a refresher on how to renew your real estate license? Join Jennifer for a quick overview of the renewal process.

The Department of Safety and Professional Services is now accepting renewals for sales and broker licenses! The deadline to renew is December 14. WRA staff attorney Tracy Rucka goes over some important reminders to make sure you have everything you need to meet this deadline and avoid any last-minute hassles or panic.

Can a landlord evict? Maybe. Tune in to listen to an overview of permissible and prohibited basis for evictions based on the CDC moratorium until the end of 2020.

As the industry evolves, NAR has taken critical steps to redefine what qualities and services MLSs offer their clients. They are becoming more proactive in data compliance screening as well as facilitating cooperation and compensation in the marketplace. Chris Carillo, CEO of Metro MLS, breaks down what we can expect to see in the near future.

Explore how local ordinances affect what can be considered a bedroom either in a basement or above ground. Review ways to accurately market a property that has a room that might not be a legal bedroom but is currently used that way by the seller.

Wondering what to do with the Contingency for Additional Condominium Information in the WB-14 Residential Condominium Offer to Purchase? Review how a buyer can use this to get information beyond the Condominium Documents. Consider how a seller can respond if the information is not available or not easily available.

Beginning in October 2020, the WRA Legal Hotline will have limited weekend hours. Looking for legal information on the weekend? Hotline attorneys will respond to calls between 1:00 and 4:30 on Sundays.

Can a landlord evict? Maybe. Tune in to watch an overview of permissible and prohibited basis for evictions based on the CDC moratorium in effect from September 4 to December 31, 2020.

It is important that real estate professionals treat people fairly and avoid biases that lead to agents treating different groups of people differently. Hear the confessions of a WRA attorney about her implicit biases after taking the Harvard Implicit Bias test. You may have implicit biases and not even realize it!

If the offer is null and void, why do the parties still need a WB-45 Cancellation Agreement & Mutual Release? Learn why “null and void” isn’t enough to allow the parties to walk away from the transaction and consider options for the parties if they will not agree to a WB-45 Cancellation Agreement & Mutual Release.

2021 WRA Chair Mary Duff details the changes to the convention this year and why this event is still one you do not want to miss!

Professionalism. What is the next level for you? This episode focuses on the National Association of REALTORS®' C2EX endorsement. The Commitment to Excellence allows members and staff to take a deeper dive into what professionalism looks like and provides a path toward education and action to raise the bar.

RPR director of industry relations Ernie Bottom reviews one of the many great member benefits offered through your NAR membership.

Competition for limited inventory sets the stage for aggressive negotiation strategies. In this episode, Tracy Rucka discusses buyer tactics and the use of price escalation clauses as well as recommendations to avoid some potential implementation issues.

We are less than two months away from the convention! Get the scoop on this year’s event from incoming chairman Mary Duff as she previews what’s new this year and why this convention in one you can't miss.

Did you know there is no limit to the number of questions you can submit to the Legal Hotline? Did you know you can ask follow-up questions? Did you know you can request either a call or a written response? Did you know you can tell the Legal Hotline when to call you back? Come review all the features of your Legal Hotline in this Thursday Takeaway.

Are you in a commission dispute about procuring cause? Do you have an unpaid referral? If negotiation or mediation results in an impasse between brokers, arbitration is available. In this video, learn about REALTOR® arbitration services as well as what to expect in an arbitration hearing.

The DSPS complaint process is a topic no one wants to think about. There may be times where another agent’s actions are such that a party or another agent thinks a complaint to the DSPS is necessary. What happens when a complaint is made, and how is it resolved? Learn all about it in this Thursday Takeaway.

Consider your options when the buyer and seller have already found each other and want you to “just help with the paperwork.”

NAR made updates to the Participant Access Data Policy. What does this mean for brokers and the MLS? Check out the latest Thursday Takeaway as Chris Carrillo, CEO of Metro MLS outlines what you need to know and how it impacts the real estate industry.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, homeowners who are out of work or with reduced work may find it difficult to make mortgage payments. Learn about mortgage forbearance opportunities under the CARES Act.

Can you share a former buyer’s inspection report with a new buyer? If so, how? When? And why?

Video host and WRA attorney Jennifer Lindsley reviews the rules for when you can contact represented parties and how you respond if a represented party is contacting you.

Easements expire ... don’t let yours expire! July 2020 marks an important deadline for easement regulations established in 1960 and 1980. This episode features experts Jon Sayas, Cheri Hipenbecker and Brad Hoeschen, who review what you need to know about these changes and what you can do for your clients to avoid any legal issues. Watch for the June 2020 issue of Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine for additional details.

Video host and WRA attorney/training director Jennifer Lindsley outlines some of the WRA bonus forms created just to make your life a little easier. You might not know some of these forms exist!

Lynn Leegard, President and Founder of TrustFunds, shares three easy steps to use TrustFunds for your buyers to pay their earnest money online. TrustFunds has already integrated with many MLSs in Wisconsin, and Lynn explains how TrustFunds can save you and your clients time and money.

The new MLS policy put in place last November created a flood of questions to the WRA Legal Hotline. Metro MLS CEO Chris Carillo answers some of the frequently asked questions regarding the policy and how it impacts your business.

As social distancing continues, conducting business as usual has been anything but usual. TrustFunds founder Lynn Leegard reviews some of the advantages of managing earnest money for your clients online within your MLS system.

Knight Barry Title General Counsel and Wisconsin Land Title Association President Cheri Hipenbecker shares five must-know details about remote online notarization and how it will help your business — now and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why is it taking so long to get my license? Learn the best strategies to make sure your new agents get licensed as quickly as possible. This seemingly easy process has some common traps that snare new potential agents in a licensing loop.

Join WRA attorney Jon Sayas as he covers what to expect when a title commitment is issued with a lack of access exception.

Partnership for Success gives firms a way to recruit new agents and promote diversity based on race, color or national origin. Learn how the Partnership for Success can help you help a new agent by mentoring the agent and reduce some barriers to entry in the business such as dues and MLS fees.

Join attorney Jonathan Sayas as he shares a few best practices for dealing with a power of attorney in your transaction.

Advertise your skills by advertising right. Review Wisconsin’s short advertising rules and consider common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

The WRA’s resident safety expert Tracy Rucka goes over some best practices to ensure the safety and comfort of both you and your clients. As REALTORS we are working with the public and meeting new people every day. Having a process and safeguards in place will keep you from unwittingly ending up in a dicey situation.

The majority of REALTORS® reported experiencing unethical practices by other REALTORS®, yet the majority also said this conduct did not happen in their office ... interesting. Tune in to hear WRA Chairman of the Board Steve Beers explain "agent agency" and how we can be more professional and elevate each other in our business.

If you haven’t heard of geofencing, you're not alone. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been used on you. Learn about geofencing and how it affects you and your business. Also, learn how to control geofencing and how it accesses your information.

Protected Buyers? More Like Protected Commission. Come listen to a couple scenarios where an agent’s actions jeopardized a listing firm’s ability to pursue a seller for a commission when the property sold to a protected buyer.

Did your seller have a bad experience with another agent? Is your seller restricting your cooperation with other agents or firms? Learn how to handle this without alienating other agents or firms in your market.

Internet footprints and negative online commentary can last a lifetime, making online reputation management a critical component for maintaining a positive image of your business online. Learn inside tips on how the pros monitor online chatter with Google and harvest positive reviews on LinkedIn without asking for them.

This is winter, right? It’s bound to get cold eventually. Steve Pipson from Focus on Energy offers strategies to share with your first-time homeowners about how to keep energy costs low while keeping their house safe and comfortable this winter.

The real estate industry has been vulnerable to wire transfer fraud. Lisa Scoble with Pearl Insurance explores common wire fraud schemes and offers cybersecurity tips to ensure your clients’ money doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

To cure or not to cure? That is the question. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages or giving or withholding a right to cure and how this provision in the Inspection Contingency influences negotiations between buyers and sellers.

Is your listing ready to show? REALTOR® Beth Jaworski shows you how to create great first impressions and lasting impressions that stand out to buyers.

Join Metro MLS President & CEO Chris Carrillo as he covers everything you should know about MLS policy surrounding delayed listings and withholding listings and what it means for your business.

With the new offer available, the WRA’s Legal Hotline has started to get questions about the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA). Join Jennifer to hear the most common FIRPTA questions coming to the WRA Legal Hotline.

From mileage to closing gifts and more, you have lots of business expenses as a REALTOR®. In this Thursday Takaways episode, REALTOR® Beth Jaworski reviews ways to stretch your dollar to ultimately keep more cash in your pocket.

Designations are more than just alphabet soup after your name. Find out in this Thursday Takeaways video with host, trainer and REALTOR® Bonnie Dixon how designations help enhance your professional image and increase your income.

Have you heard about the new MLS measure from NAR? Video host and Metro MLS President & CEO Chris Carrillo explains what you can expect to see with NAR's new MLS initiatives.

Join WRA attorney Tracy "Bob Ross" Rucka for the recent special Halloween edition of Thursday Takeaways. Tracy/Bob will paint a picture of professionalism and explore how to raise the bar in the industry.

The buyer and seller disagree on the meaning of defect. Now what? Video host and WRA attorney Jennifer Lindsley previews some options for your parties to hopefully keep them out of court when they disagree about defects.

Credit can be nasty. Clean it up! Mortgage loan officer Sara Whitley offers tips for cleaning up and improving credit so your clients can leave nasty, dirty credit behind.

Are you drowning in passwords? Learn best practices for creating hacker-proof passwords (and remembering them) with WRA Marketing VP Rob Uhrina.

How much do you kn​ow about the revisions to the WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase? Video host and WRA attorney Jennifer Lindsley offers you a quick update on the changes you'll see on the WB-11 form.

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