Partnership for Success Program

Promoting diversity within the REALTOR® membership

The WRA Partnership for Success Program is designed to promote diversity within the REALTOR® membership based on race, color and national origin, in a manner designed to enhance the probability of long-term success in the real estate profession. The WRA benefits when the organization reflects the composition of the Wisconsin marketplace. The Partnership for Success Program contributes to the diversity of our membership and to our DEI initiatives.

The program forges a partnership between the applicant, sponsoring broker, local or regional association, and the WRA. Applicants must be of a minority race, color or national origin, and must demonstrate a commitment to becoming successful real estate licensees. The sponsoring broker provides a mentor and in-house training for the recipient to optimize the success of the new licensee. Ideally, the applicant would be a new licensee who has not had a license for more than six months and who is aspiring to become a full-time agent in Wisconsin. The program is intended to provide startup assistance to applicants who have not previously held a real estate license.

Partnership for Success Videos

Learn how the program helps minority candidates prepare for a successful real estate career. 
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The successful Partnership for Success award recipient receives one year of REALTOR® dues. This REALTOR® dues benefit applies to the current calendar year if the applicant has not yet paid REALTOR® dues, including new member and initiation fees, or to the following calendar year if REALTOR® dues have already been paid or if the recipient chooses the following calendar year. The WRA also pays six months of MLS fees. 

In addition, beginning January 1, 2023, if the successful Partnership for Success award recipient submits no later than November 1, (1) a certificate of their completion of Fairhaven and (2) a written statement from their broker confirming they have either attended the WRA annual convention or completed an education course through the WRA other than continuing education, then the award recipient can receive a second year of REALTOR® dues.  

The ideal candidate will have considered what it will take to be a successful real estate agent and will have worked on a business plan. The ideal candidate also considers how they can best contribute to the real estate community and the local community as a whole. 

Apply today!

To apply, both the applicant and sponsoring broker must complete applications. The applicant, the sponsoring broker and the mentor are required to attend a virtual interview with the partnership for success subcommittee of the WRA diversity, equity and inclusion committee. For more information, contact Debbi Conrad at the WRA.

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