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EDTalks webinars celebrate innovation and insight with real estate's top experts.

The WRA's newest education product offers a collection of video webinars from real estate expert speakers and instructors who have graced the WRA center stage at live association events. Whatever the topic, these great minds are here to motivate, inspire and humor you, but most of all, help you in your real estate business. No registration fees. No commitments. Just pick your favorite topic, watch and learn. Be sure to come back often as the list of free webinars grows with new material from speakers who have been featured at previous WRA events.

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If you are a real estate investor, you have probably heard someone proclaim the "1% Rule" as the go-to method for valuing rental property. Don't fall for it. Relying on the 1% Rule is a good way to lose your shirt ... maybe lose your entire wardrobe!

If you're an investor, you gotta know this stuff or it will cost you big money! Passive loss rules limit the amount of income tax savings for many real estate investors, but real estate professionals can escape these limitations if they follow certain requirements. This video explains the rules and shows you how to capture your share of the extra tax savings. Plus, it might help you get a date!

With everything that’s happening in the world right now, as a leader, it can be tough to know what to do, but heroes find strength in their weak places.

Keeping positive is not easy in sales in the face of adversity, and especially during these times. Those who stay positive the most are ones who have a definite plan, know where they are going, and know how they are going to get there. In this webinar, Nelson helps you define your own plan as well as the plan of attack to accomplish it.

This is the most important equation to know when working with true real estate investors.

In this video, you'll discover 11 tips to optimize your Facebook Business Page so that you get more engagement and generate more leads. Enjoy!

Prospecting is not everyone's favorite part of the business, but the bottom line is prospecting is a hands-on activity and a necessary one to make it in the real estate business. Nelson helps you create a prospecting plan that focuses on doing the activities day in and day out that will yield great results.

You will laugh and learn as Tom Lundstedt enthusiastically leads you through the ins-and-outs of real estate investing. Whether you're an investment rookie or a seasoned pro you'll benefit from the easy-to-use "Investment Property Worksheet" long after the program is over.

In this video, you'll discover 10 ways to remove, add or improve to generate more leads on your landing pages.

Chapter 1: How to Stay Calm and Productive in Times of Crisis [1:12:21]; Chapter 2: Leading Through Times of Crisis [1:03:49]; Chapter 3: How to Stay Optimistic and Help Others Do the Same [1:01:15].

This webinar offers seven specific strategies for REALTORS® to remain productive and in the right state of mind even while quarantined.

This webinar highlights the tools you need to work virtually while keeping your distance from others. Even during social distancing, you can virtually show homes, hold virtual open houses, and consult buyers and sellers remotely, all while still communicating effectively with today’s tech-savvy consumer and providing equal and ethical service to all.

Discover why your property management should utilize video tours of your vacancies as well as how to easily create and capture these tours.

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